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The Musical
Dark Rocks


Joining Our Creative Team as Director - Alex Sanchez
Alex Sanchez is a New York City based director and choreographer. Winner of the SDC Joe A. Calloway Award for best choreography and recognized by Dance Magazine's, "25 to watch", his work has been seen on Broadway, Off Broadway, Nationally and Internationally.



Julia Meadows Headshot T.jpg

Julia Meadows is Lilith 

The mother of demons, the creator of chaos. Jewish mysticism believes she was Adam’s first wife who got banished from the Garden of Eden when she refused to be subservient to a man.

Darius de haas.jpg

Darius De Haas is Dante/Devil

Enter: DEVIL. Sexy, suave, and oh-so-seductive. 


Hannah Duran is Sloth

...should write something here....but honestly can't be bothered...


Charmien Byrd is Gluttony

They can’t say no. Sometimes they wish they could.


Misha Mullany is Lily 

A young girl who lives recklessly in life and ends up in Hell.  Will she learn to let others in, or will she stay selfish for all eternity? 


Jazz Sunpanich is Eve

The mother of all humankind. Retelling her story as her own. Wanted more than to be just a wife, in the shadow of Adam’s legacy. Claiming her own destiny.

eddie korbich.jpg

Eddie Korbich is Wrath


Wilson jermaine.webp

Wilson Jermaine Heredia is Lust

Here for a good time, not a long time. If they can get their hands (and lips) on it, they will.


Goran Popovic is Charon

A wise  ferryman, whose punishment is to transport the damned souls of Hell, suffering in silence...

renee big_edited.jpg

Renee Albulario is Greed

Wants-no - NEEDS more. It doesn’t matter what, just more.

luis villabon.jpg

Luis Villabon is Pride

Looks good and they know it. Probably a little too much.

Francisca Munoz.webp

Francisca Muñoz is Envy

Green with jealousy. Would do anything to get what you have.

Dark Clouds

About Infernal

This story, at its heart, is about how we treat each other. Actions have consequences and by following Lily down through Dante’s Nine Circles of Hell we confront our own fears and regrets. Lily represents all of us, she is messy, she is human, and oftentimes she is wrong. So what happens when you realize the errors of your ways, but it’s too late to change your fate? Can we learn to forgive ourselves?


What People Are Saying

"Beautiful Show Design

...the music is amazing [and] the concept is fantastic."

-Kristin B., New York City



With Covid, it's harder than ever to be a theatre creator. Just with this initial presentation, we've hit a lot of setbacks and had to rethink the way we present art. Unfortunately, this also means a lot of unforeseen costs and a more difficult outreach journey. Your support, no matter what size, makes the difference in us making it another day.

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Planet and Moon

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