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Dark Clouds

About Infernal

Infernal is a rock musical based on Dante’s Inferno that explores consequences, remorse, and our own inescapable demons. Drawing from Dante’s text, the Bible, Catholic Tradition, and Jewish Mysticism, in this coming of age story, heaven and hell are made human.



Watch our January 30th standing musical performance of our 10 Song Concept Album, and Q & A with the creative team!

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Misha Mullany

(Writer, Director, Co-Composer)

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Misha Mullany is a recent graduate from NYU Tisch's Experimental Theatre Wing and seeks to create art that connects with others and the world. Since graduating she has been joyously creating and discovering her love of writing. Misha has created everything from Digital Theatre, to Devised Work, to Musical Theatre. She is incredibly interested in playing with the relationship between traditional and experimental forms of theatre, finding where they intersect and cause tension. Although theatre may look different now than it used to, she is so grateful for this incredible opportunity to share her work, and for the phenomenal cast and crew who have joined her on this journey. 

Brent Morden 

(Co-Composer, Arranger, MD)

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Brent Morden is thrilled to bring his talents as a composer, arranger, and music director to Infernal. Brent’s career has seen him conduct his award-winning band works in venues including Carnegie Hall, write music & lyrics for two comedy musicals produced at Columbia University, and assist acclaimed music director Rob Fisher. Nowadays Brent works as Program Manager for Every Voice Choirs, an NYC-based children’s choir nonprofit, and teaches voice at From Stage to Screen in Huntington, NY. Brent graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Columbia University in 2019. In his spare time, Brent enjoys lifting weights and running in the park. More at

Meet the Cast

Meet the deviously talented cast of Infernal



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